The goals of the Society and its officers including conforming to all laws, maintaining high standards of ethics and respecting the rights of all individuals. As a small, non-profit organisation, attending to all details and conforming to the myriad of regulations is not easy.  Please help us by telling us of any violation, however small, of these goals.  Notices

Copyright of this site

Much of the contents of this site (text and photographs) is produced by the members. Generally speaking, we are not only willing, but anxious to allow others to use this material for purposes that are consistent with spreading understanding of our history. However, if you want to copy, quote or reuse any of this material, it would be safer if you requested permission. In particular, any commercial use of this material without permission would be legally questionable and in very bad taste.

Copyright of others

The society is anxious to respect the copyright of all organizations and individuals. If you see any material on this site which appears to infringe on any of your rights, please be assured that this is due to an error or a misunderstanding. Once you bring it to our attention we will investigate and correct any infringement as quickly as practical. In the unlikely event that we have inadvertently infringed on your rights, please accept our apologies in advance.

Assigning credit to others

We do, of course, include references to places, books and other items. Also, some photographs and quotes from books that belong to others are included. In each case we intend to credit the owner or provider. If we have accidentally failed to credit you for any contribution, please contact us and instruct us if you would like the material to be removed or a credit added.

Our privacy policy

The society is anxious to protect any private information about its members or any other individual. With minor exceptions, we do not publish any member information on this site. (The exceptions include such things as the names of speakers at our events, the names of officers, the contact information for joining the society or purchasing books and so on.) We do, of course, include excerpts from historical sources which include references to individuals; but only material which is already in the public domain.  If you find that any information on this site violates the privacy of you or your family, either directly or indirectly, please let us know and we will correct this unintended error.

Accuracy, objectivity and fairness

Our passion for studying history is grounded in the desire to understand how things were as objectively as practical. If you find any inaccuracies in this site please help us to correct them. Equally, if you find an unbalanced selection or presentation of material or the expression of questionable opinions, please give us your input in detail. One of the most valuable lessons of history is that, even people who value objectivity and aim for it, are trapped by the conventional thinking of their age and peer group; any input on a better way to understand, interpret or present the historical record of the Ridwares is welcome.

All other matters

There should be no doubt that the society intends this site to reflect its goals to be legal, decent, honest, fair and objective. In the preceding paragraphs we have attempted to address some of the more obvious ways in which, even well-intentioned people can make mistakes. Please generalize these principles to all other areas and help us to implement our intended policies as we enjoy our study of the history of the Ridwares.



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