Ridware Study Group 


The Ridware Study Group was formed in January 2004, to encourage, undertake and collect research on Ridware History.  The Group is part of the Ridware History Society.  The Society benefits greatly from areas of research that are undertaken by the Group, which regularly presents the results of their research to all members.

Results of research projects are also presented at the Society's AGM in January each year.  The Study Group organises displays of their research material at such events as the annual Staffordshire History Fair, held at the County Buildings, Stafford, and local events, such as the Hamstall Ridware Church Fete.

The Group meets four times a year.  Meetings consist of general discussions and update reports on specific areas of research.  Members also visit places of interest or relevance to their research.


Membership Requirements

Membership of the Study Group is open to any members of the Ridware History Society.  For information contact Marty Smith by e-mail at martyanddavid@care4free.net


Current Studies


  • The Great War: During 2013, the Study Group agreed to focus on researching the Great War and its impact on the Ridwares.  The men recorded on our villages' war memorials are being researched.  We also hope to find out about the men who survived the war.  It may be possible to research the impact the war had on the lives of those remaining in Ridware, and it is hoped we can produce a publication and perhaps put on an exhibition during 1914.
  • If you have any information about a relative who fought in the war, please contact us.


Other areas of research not available online include:

  • The Old Hall, Mavesyn Ridware
  • A 19th Century murder on the road between Abbots Bromley and Hill Ridware
  • Clay tobacco pipes
  • Old Photographs and other material relating to Hill Ridware and Mavesyn Ridware
  • The Derry family of Hill Ridware


If you have an interest in researching local history, you are welcome to join us at our meetings, which take place quarterly in the village hall.  The next meeting is on 25th January 2016.




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